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Duality on the Dancefloor

Saturday Aug. 19

9:30 pm - 2:00 am

In Taoism, the yin & yang symbolizes the interconnectedness of two seemingly contradictory forces such as feminine and masculine; light and dark; love and hate; and good and evil.

On Saturday, August 19, DJs femmelectric & S ngular ty join forces to bring the yin and yang alive on the dance floor. They will be pairing two of their favorite genres, hip hop and house, and playing back to back sets of each, inspired by either the yin (dark) or yang (light) element.

They invite you to identify the yin and yang elements in their musical selections, and explore how their opposing vibrations make you feel and make you move. They also invite you to think about how you embody both the yin and yang elements that exist in human nature. According to Taoism, when we understand and accept the yin and yang that exists in all of nature we can truly live in balance and harmony.


Slate Bar//2925 16th Street//San Francisco

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