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Saturday Jan. 26

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

San Francisco! Leave your cares behind, and come be silly with us! LOLbotomy at Slate Bar in the Mission has one simple mission: to make you laugh out loud! And a lot! Like until you cry. And maybe pee on yourself. Yes, that much. We’ve booked the best comics from the thriving Bay Area comedy scene to make that happen.
LOLbotomy, because inner peace is awesome and brains are overrated.
LOLbotomy, because you can’t afford both Netflix and rent at the same time.
LOLbotomy, because your Tinder date stood you up and you wanted to get drunk at the bar but now there are comics talking at you and you’re too embarrassed to leave.
For all these reasons and more…LOLbotomy at Slate Bar. Come out!


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