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NO POPCORN: Slate’s 11 Year Anniversary!

Friday Sep. 29

9:00 pm - 2:00 am

Introducing NO POPCORN, a musical globetrotter who crafts an eclectic blend of House music across its Afro, Melodic, and Tech dimensions. Originating his DJ career during his college years at LSU with a four-year Trance radio show, NO POPCORN has matured into a luminary of House music. His summers are spent soaking up inspiration in his Greek home, resulting in mixes filled with warm, fuzzy beats that transport you straight to a Mediterranean sunset. His sets are deeply influenced by a life of travel, from the jungle and Afro vibes of Tulum and Bali to the Balearic, melodic beats of Spain and Greece. Having enchanted audiences in far-flung locales including Spain, Turkey, and most recently Mexico, NO POPCORN’s mixes are your auditory passport to a world of rhythmic ecstasy.

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2925 16TH ST. SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103