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Only in SF – True Storytelling

Friday Mar. 13

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

“Only in SF” is a night of true stories told by ordinary people. Like you.
Come to share a true story from your life, or just listen and laugh.
Every storyteller wins a free drink from the bar.

Come share your true story about “Only in SF” with us!

How it works: there’s a social game at the beginning that will get everyone in the bar talking to each other.
It’s how we warm up for the storytelling.
Grab a game card and a pen.
Ask people questions from the card.
They’ll ask you, too. Write down their answers.
Answers may be read out loud by the hosts as part of the show. Just for laughs.
It’s fun and a great way to connect IRL!

Next, it’s time for spontaneous storytelling.
Whenever you’re inspired, put your name in the hat for a chance to tell a true story about yourself in SF.
If your name gets called, you will have 5 minutes to tell your true story. We’ll have a volunteer timer to help you stick to the time limit.
Finish your story when the bell rings.
You’ll win a free drink ticket! (Good for beer, wine or a well cocktail.)

“Only in SF” is an edition of Spontaneous Storytelling. Subscribe to our mailing list at for more fun storytelling events around the Bay.

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